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Version/PC server equivalent Date of Addition Additions Summary
Beta 0.1.2 December 19, 2012

Beta 0.1.2

  • New map
    • Tutorial world is the map
  • Rules
    • No bring friends of friends
    • No building or destroying
    • Other rules TBA...
Beta 0.1.1 (1.1.1 Additions Update) December 17, 2012

Beta 0.1.1

  • Added some exclusive Xbox 360 server features
  • A PC server 1.3 feature: Fountain
  • A PC server 1.2 feature: Sidewalk and drain
Beta 0.1 (1.1.1) December 17, 2012

Beta 0.1

  • In beta testing, which means that the server is still WIP
  • Minecraft PC Edition Hamachi server 1.1.1 features
  • One 1.1.2 feature: Mini-hotel at spawn
    • 2 rooms and 2 keys, each for a room
      • Customer Service
  • Glass protecting signs
    • To prevent broken signs, and wasted time typing words with controller
  • Another 1.1.2 feature: Bedrock floor
    • Half complete, more complete than PC version (1.2 feature, except 1.2 Custom Maps Update will have three-fourths of the floor covered)
    • No lava decoration from 1.1
  • Only available to friends of dlpham on Xbox LIVE
  • 1.2 feature: Nether portal room, to protect the portal from getting broken


  • Ghasts' fireballs usually flies and shakes violently (MCXBOX360 bug)
  • Another portal will not spawn since there's two portals at the spawn point
  • It seems like there is only the room 1, and the room 2's key which makes it impossible to open up room 1 (except if you ask dlpham for a spare room 1 key)