The Royal Blacksmiths is a group of blacksmiths who trains to be one. The adult is a semi-blacksmith, while others play tag and wear costumes like farmer costumes, librarian costumes, based on their hobbies. They were added in 1.1.2 instead of the Custom Maps Update with the Cobblers.


They seem to be a 5 out of 10 stars group, as if the kids argue with each other, and the adult has "anger issues".


Based on their hobbies, if they like reading, they wear a kid-sized villager librarian costume, if they train to be a blacksmith, they wear a kid-sized black apron, and etc. They argue with each other a lot of times.


The adult seems to have "anger issues" as if when the argue many times.


It appears that it only wants:

5 emeralds for iron boots (added 12/16/12)

13 emeralds for an iron chestplate (added 12/16/12)


The house is made up of wooden planks for the floor, the walls, and the ceiling.

The fence barrier isn't big enough for kids to play, and will be bigger in the server's update 1.2 (Custom Maps Update)

2012-12-16 19.37.44

Their house, with a cobblestone wall from the Cobblers, with some furnaces, a double chest and a shared ender chest with the Cobblers.