The Custom Maps Update is a major update for the Hamachi server, including some old buildings from the old server map. It is set to release by the time Minecraft 1.5 comes.

Creations/Improvements Edit

Some old buildings will return from the server's 1.0 and will include an improved enchanting station, a new admin home and even more little village houses.


A (?) means that it is guess-work, possibly incorrect.

Version 1.2 Date of Addition Additions Summary
Custom Maps Update January 2013, when Minecraft 1.5 comes out
  • New buildings
    • Old buildings return
      • More little village houses in the neighborhood
      • Enchantmant Station (improved)
      • Admin home
  • Custom maps
    • Skyblock
    • PvP Arena
    • SurvivalGames (Hunger Games)
    • TNT Spleef